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4 In 1 Multifunctional Bottle Cleaning Brush

4 In 1 Multifunctional Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Dreading the build-up in your water bottles and cups? Our multifunctional bottle-cleaning brush tackles even the toughest grime! This versatile brush features a long, flexible design that reaches deep into all types of bottles, big or small.

The multi-bristled head effortlessly scrubs away dirt and residue, leaving your bottles sparkling clean and fresh.

This water bottle cleaning brush is more than just for bottles! The spike is perfect for cleaning cups and mugs of all shapes and sizes. Plus, the convenient hanging loop allows for easy storage when not in use.

Our multifunctional bottle-cleaning brush is the ultimate tool for keeping your bottles and cups hygienically clean and fresh. It's a simple and effective solution for a sparkling clean refreshment every time!


  1. Utilise a U-shaped silicone cup brush to scrub away persistent stains around the cup.
  2. Employ a stranded wire gap brush to clean the narrow grooves on the interior wall of the cup lid.
  3. Use a corner brush with bristles to tidy the dirt in the corner grooves of the container.
  4. Brush the interior of the cup, reaching deep into the cup's body to clean internal stains.
  5. Custom-made design for various positions of the cup's opening, providing an immediate solution.
  6. The double-sided wrapped cup wall ensures efficient cleaning, with silicone being soft and smooth, preventing damage to the cup.
  7. Pair twisted wire design offers excellent elasticity, specifically targeting dirt in gaps and grooves.
  8. Firm bristles excel at decontamination, effectively tackling challenging issues.
  9. Hanging drainage prevents easy breeding of bacteria, and storage does not occupy much space.

Product information:

Function: Brush the cup cover
Material: Plastic
Weight: 139G (g)
Color: blue, gray
Size: 28-33 * 6.5cm

Packing list:

Cup brush*1

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Customer Reviews

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Lily Davies

Used to struggle cleaning my water bottles. This one does the trick perfectly. Great price, great product!