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Crystalline Glass Oil and Vinegar Bottles

Crystalline Glass Oil and Vinegar Bottles

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Discover the elegance of our crystalline glass oil and vinegar bottles, designed for the modern kitchen. Each bottle showcases a sleek, minimalist design for gourmet meals or casual dining.

Our vinegar bottle set offers a stunning pairing. Two separate containers keep flavours pure and unmixed. The glass bottles provide a timeless aesthetic, elevating your table setting while maintaining functionality.

Experience the convenience of our oil dispensing system, allowing easily controlled pours. The built-in dispenser ensures a mess-free experience directly from the heart of your kitchen counter.

Well-known for quality, our vinegar bottles feature crystalline clarity, reflecting both liquids' vibrant hues. The durable glass guarantees longevity, ensuring that your vinegar and oil remain pristine for years.

Product information:

Item No.: Main product-oil can, glass oil can, nozzle, stainless steel nozzle, glass oil bottle
Material: crystalline material glass
Capacity: 500ml transparent oil can + black lid nozzle, 500ml transparent oil can + flip lid nozzle, 250ml transparent oil pot + black lid nozzle, 250ml transparent bottle + flip lid nozzle, 500ml dark green oil pot + black lid nozzle, 500ml dark green oil pot + flip lid Nozzle, 250ml dark green oil can + black cover nozzle, 250ml dark green oil can + flip cover nozzle, funnel
Style: modern and simple


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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Louise
A worthwhile purchase indeed!

I love my crystalline glass oil bottle! Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen, while the high-quality glass and secure stoppers ensure that my oil stays fresh. Overall, it was a fantastic purchase that I highly recommend to anyone.